Mining & Tunnelling

Mining and tunnelling - a multi-faceted challenge

Tunnel construction is one of the most fascinating, but at the same time also the most enormous and all-encompassing tasks in the construction industry.

One of the most difficult tasks is often the installation of pipes in the construction and operational phases.

In the construction phase they are used for:

  • Supply lines for supplying tunnel drilling machines with water and compressed air
  • Feed pipes for jetcrete and mortar
  • Removal of waste and mud

After commissioning, they ensure the supply of:

  • Fire-extinguishing water
  • Cooling
  • Heating

Delivery options

  • Welded steel pipes acc. to EN10217 in manufactured and fixed lengths
  • Seamless steel pipes acc. to EN10216 in manufactured and fixed lengths
  • Carbon and stainless steel pipes between 0.1 - 12 m in length with roll-in grooves acc. to the Victaulic® standard
  • Steel pipes with welded sleeves/ grooved joints
  • Pipe spikes
  • Flanged pipes
  • Pipe couplings from various manufacturers
  • Elbows, fittings and flanges
  • Turned parts, laser cut-outs and welded constructions acc. to your specifications